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Learning Box: self-paced and blended learning courses

From 30th November 2021, the Directorate for Research, Lifelong Learning and Employability started offering several self-paced and blended learning courses as part of its learning provision. These courses are brought together by professionals and adult learning educators shifting the method of learning from in-class or educator-directed to digital and educator-supported.

What is Learning Box?
Through self-paced and blended courses, adult learners can further their education, upskill, or reskill according to their needs. Learning box aims to provide immersive and engaging digital
educational opportunities accessible at any time to adult learners. Furthermore, ensuring high quality standards education in the provision of adult education and focusing on reaching more
adult learners including working adults for upskilling and reskilling purposes.

What is currently on offer?
Self-paced courses

• Step into English: A beginner’s course for non-native speakers (50 hours)
The course is for beginners who have basic knowledge of the language but want to develop their language skills further.

• Step into Maltese: A beginner’s course for non-native speakers (25 hours)
This course focuses on the basic phonetic, lexical, and grammatical notions of the Maltese language; and help potential students familiarise with idiomatic challenges.

• Demystifying Coding (50 hours)
This course empowers participants with no prior programming experience to design animations, games, interactive stories, and apps.

• Introduction to Project Management (50 hours)
This course introduces project management theory and practice.

• Starting your own Business (60 hours)
This course introduces the learners to the preliminary aspects of entrepreneurship and business ventures.

Blended Learning Courses
Courses that are 40% synchronous and 60% asynchronous:
• Blending Psychology, Philosophy and Spirituality into Everyday Life (100 hours)
The course not only combines philosophy, psychology and spirituality through various interrelated issues and topics, but also includes a strong practical and experiential component in the form of discussions.
First intake: November 2021 to June 2022
Second intake: January 2022 to August 2022

How to apply?
The self-paced courses are accessible via the website where you can apply
and log-in to access, complete course/s and receive the digital certificate.

– Website:
– Email: [email protected]
– Facebook Page: Lifelong Learning Courses in Malta and Gozo