The Science Centre within the Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes has recently organised the 11th edition of X’hemM? – a Mathematics and Science education popularization initiative. X’hemM? aims to provide primary students educational opportunities to apply mathematical and scientific concepts through engaging, problem-solving activities in a non-formal setting.

This year’s edition, entitled X’hemM? Jgħaqqadna, aims to promote quality STEM education for all, to raise the general profile of STEM within the community and nurture positive attitudes towards STEM. X’hemM? Jgħaqqadna targeted primarily students from Kinder 1 to Year 6 (ages 3 to 11) and other stakeholders. A total of 95 STEM activities for X’hemM? Jgħaqqadna were organised by 44 primary schools. Activities were related to Science and Mathematics integrated through creative arts, culture, language, holidays, the local community and other current issues or themes such as technology, climate change and sustainability. Thousands of students participated in different X’hemM? Jgħaqqadna activities coordinated by primary schools.  Four entities namely, Sportmalta, Foundation for Educational Services, Nature Trust – FEE Malta and the Malta National Aquarium have collaborated on this STEM initiative, each co-ordinating their own programme of STEM activities related to X’hemM? Jgħaqqadna.

The Primary Mathematics and Primary Science teams within the Science Centre, Pembroke (DLAP), collaborated and launched six distinct workshops for X’hemM? Jgħaqqadna, each targeting different stakeholders including educators, parents/guardians and the general public. Workshops included, X’hemM? Jgħaqqadna f’din il-Pittura that brought together students, well-known Maltese personalities and the general public discussing Science and Mathematics concepts through art; X’hemM? fl-Ibħra Tagħna where students used mathematical data to discuss dangers sea turtles face in the sea; X’hemM? Ecological Footprint which engaged students in reflecting on their personal resource use and calculate the effect of their carbon footprint; X’hemM? fil-Kċina brought together parents/guardians of students in the Early Years to explore STEM and literacy themes related to a familiar environment – the kitchen; X’hemM? Jgħaqqadna fl-Oċejani engaged students to participate in a virtual treasure hunt related to oceans across the globe; and X’hemM? fir-Reġjun t’Għawdex actively engaged students in planning, designing and building a monumental structure in their locality using recycled material and relate this to STEM concepts. All X’hemM? Jgħaqqadna activities spanned over a whole week between Monday 14th March 2022, the International Day of Mathematics, until Monday 21st March 2022. Further information on X’hemM? Jgħaqqadna activities will be available on the Ministry for Education (MFED) portal