EducationMEYRSchool Initiative

Embellishment and Maintenance Works at Safi Primary School

Preparation works are presently going on at Safi Primary School to house students from Għaxaq Primary School in 19 new classrooms for the coming scholastic year 2022-2023.  This project is a joint collaboration between the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation, together with the Foundation for Tomorrow Schools.

Four blocks of mobile classrooms are being located at the school whilst the school hall is being divided into 5 classrooms through sound insulated partitions.

Also, consolidation works and strengthening of the school corridor facing the yard are being carried. This work, which is being done by the Education PMU staff, involves the reinforcement of the existing pilasters and roof structure.  The area is currently being re-finished prior to the commencement of the scholastic year.