KGconnect initiative at Saint Clare College

Creating, sustaining and strengthening the bridge between homes and schools

Scholastic year 2022 – 2023 saw the start of the KGconnect initiative within Saint Clare College. A year full of interesting information and ideas shared with parents and guardians of new KG1 students. Saint Clare College has embarked on this initiative, bringing together a number of educators and education officers to collaborate by creating and sharing with parents and guardians regular contributions in the form of brief 5-minute online posts on a variety of topics which deal directly with the growth and development of their young children. Almost all posts are being shared in both Maltese and English using the MS Team platform, as well as via links sent directly to parents’ and guardians’ mobile devices through the mySchool platform.

The overall aim behind this initiative is to empower parents and guardians to take an active role in the development of their young children’s skills and learning through opportunities that arise in the day-to-day interactions which they have with their child at home or outdoors. Contributions are published every fortnight and continue throughout the summer recess. They cover varied topics related to literacy, mathematics, science, critical thinking, growth mindset, coding, STEM concepts, and learning in the early years.

Saint Clare College looks forward to maintaining and strengthening this link with parents and guardians of new KG1 students through the second cycle of the KGconnect initiative for scholastic year 2023 – 2024.

Here are some interesting links which were shared with parents and guardians through the KGconnect initiative:

Maths Outdoors: https://tinyurl.com/6cuknym7

Science – Blooming Flowers: https://tinyurl.com/57482k97

Conversations with your child outdoors: https://tinyurl.com/2s3rt6v

Digital Literacy – Coding: https://tinyurl.com/KGCCodingEYeng

Activities related to a story: https://tinyurl.com/425s5ctb