Enhancing Educational Horizons

The Directorate for Digital Literacy & Transversal Skills proudly announces the recurrence of EMBED workshops at our Digital Literacy Centre for scholastic year 2023-2024.  Workshops will be held between Monday 20th and Friday 24th November 2023 at the Digital Literacy Centre in Hamrun.

Due to popular demand this scholastic year marks a significant milestone as these workshops will be conducted not just once, but three times, spanning across term 1, term 2 and term 3.  Specifically tailored for year 3 primary students, these sessions are designed to offer engaging hands-on activities. The core focus remains on nurturing computational thinking abilities, cross-curricular connections and providing practical applications that seamlessly integrate into existing curricula. This strategic approach aims to empower educators with versatile tools that facilitate effective teaching methodologies.

At the Digital Literacy Centre we are committed to elevate educational standards through these workshops, enriching the learning experiences of both students and educators.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we continue our journey in advancing digital literacy and transversal skills.


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