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Digital books that smell – Exploring reading engagement with research innovation

Professor Natalia Kucirkova from the University of Stavanger, Norway, conducted a day seminar on the very interesting topic of: ‘Digital books that smell – Exploring reading engagement with research innovation’ for literacy heads of department, teachers and National Literacy Agency staff. The seminar was held on Wednesday 8th November 2023. There was a discussion on how educators can seamlessly weave the sensory dimension, particularly smell, into digital narratives and engaging activities for children. The session drew on the latest research on “olfactory reading”. The participants had the opportunity to engage their olfactory sense directly and to test out its impact on their reading experience. They also had the possibility of trying out various approaches to nurturing reading engagement in the classroom.

Natalia Kucirkova is Professor of Reading and Early Childhood Development. She researches children’s use of media and technologies. She is especially interested in children’s use of e-books and literacy apps, particularly in relation to the use of personal data (digital personalization) and evidence-based approach to EdTech. Her latest project “Sensory Books” is about reading that engage children’s sense of smell. She is a passionate advocate for social justice, women leadership and embedded research impact. (From

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