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The Empowering Children App: Shaping Malta’s Future Through Child Participation

The Empowering Children App, an EU co-funded initiative that creates a secure, meaningful, and inclusive space for child participation. In accordance with the United Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Empowering Children App, ensures that all children can exercise their fundamental right to express their views freely on matters affecting them, be heard, and taken seriously. Built on the belief that heard, valued, and respected children contribute significantly to society, the app welcomes fresh ideas, fostering innovation for a more inclusive and harmonious society.

We therefore kindly invite all educators to encourage all children – perhaps even through short, dedicated sessions in school – to access and give their opinions and ideas on the child-friendly versions of the: 

  • Public Consultation: Children’s Policy Framework 2024-2030 (Deadline 31 January 2024)
  • Public Consultation: National Education Strategy (Deadline 13 February 2024)

Your support is crucial for an environment where children thrive, learn, and actively contribute. Spread the word about the Empowering Children App, explore child-friendly policies, and encourage children to join our consultations. Let’s empower the next generation – together, we shape a brighter future.

Empowering Children's Participation Project Brief