My Journey

The 77 workshops that will open up secondary education

Preparations for the widespread introduction of vocational and applied pathways in secondary schooling are underway, with works on the construction of 77 workshops in state secondary schools planned for summer.

MyJourney, the educational reform which will see vocational and applied subjects available to secondary school students, will open up secondary schooling beyond the traditional academic subjects.

What this means is that students who have different kinds of abilities and who enjoy working with their hands will have more access to learning that matches their technical skills.

Vocational education is already present in small doses in secondary schooling, and the results have already shown that it engages students which might have otherwise be disillusioned by the academic aspect of schooling, which may not fit their abilities.

Works on a number of laboratories, workshops and other innovative learning spaces have already commenced and will continue until the summer months.

The plan was discussed during a management seminar organised by the Permanent Secretary’s Office at the Education Ministry and was open to the media.

The head of the Civil Service, Mario Cutajar, also addressed the seminar.

What they said

The changes we’re introducing are not only important and valuable for the individual’s progress, but also the progress of the country.”

– Education Minister Evarist Bartolo

We have in front of us a journey to improve the educational experience in this country, and the moral responsibility of all this is on us to make sure students succeed and teachers enjoy the learning experience.

– Permanent Secretary Frank Fabri

Quality is only assured if we all know precisely what the end goal is. If we do not know that, we will not make it. This is why it is so important to prepare and implement a strategy. Making it public is also a form of accountability.

– Principal Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar