MEDE launches the Malta VET Awards

The Ministry for Education and Employment is proud to announce the launch of the Malta Vocational Education and Training Awards for the first time.  These awards provide a platform where good practice, innovation and excellence in VET is given a higher profile and improved visibility.

The launch of the Malta VET Awards is aligned with the European Vocational Skills Week, organised each year by the European Commission and each Member State. A number of events and initiatives are organised to celebrate vocational skills, give visibility to VET achievements, and also promote VET in general amongst the general public.  The Malta VET Awards also mirror the VET Excellence Awards which are organised at European level each year. Maltese awardees can eventually be nominated for the European awards.

Three categories and awards for 2020 will be awarded this year. These categories are meant to celebrate the tripartite experience of vocational education and training:

  • VET/Applied Student Award – This award is intended to identify a student currently following any VET programme of studies, who has excelled during his or her studies. The aim is to highlight, valorize and make visible students with outstanding coursework and performance during the academic year 2019-2020.
  • VET/Applied Lecturer/Teacher/Trainer Award – This award is intended to identify a VET teacher/trainer/lecturer who has excelled in improving the VET learning experience or has contributed to innovative approaches to VET learning.  The aim of this award is also to recognize the efforts and initiatives taken in teaching VET subjects (in particular in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic).
  • Training at Work Award – The aim of this award is to valorize good practices of professional learning within enterprises for their respective employees in 2019.This award includes any type of internal and external, knowledge-based or practical training organized by the employer, including online, on-the-job, blended, classroom-based, etc. including also non-accredited training.


Additional information about each award, the eligiblity and selection criteria can be downloaded from https://education.gov.mt/en/refernet/Pages/VET-Awards.aspx

Nominations are accepted on the official application form, duly signed and sent to [email protected]

Deadline for nominations is 20th November 2020.