I Choose – Nagħżel il-Karriera Tiegħi

The much awaited annual I Choose Event for Year 11 students who have just finished compulsory schooling, is being organised by the  Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation on Friday 22nd July and Saturday 23rd July 2022.  This event is open to all State, Church and Independent School students and their parents/guardians.

This year, the ‘I Choose – Nagħżel il-Karriera Tiegħi’, includes the following initiatives:

  1. TALKS delivered by professionals coming from various employment and educational sectors to help students decide on their future career paths. Students will be informed about the career opportunities they could aspire to and the qualities, attitudes and skills needed to work in the different areas.
  2. ONE-TO-ONE CAREER GUIDANCE SESSIONS with a career guidance practitioner to give students the opportunity to discuss difficulties and doubts related to their career path and enable them to make informed choices about their future.
  3. STANDS by Post-Secondary Institutions and other entities will also take part in the event and students and their parents/guardians will be able to visit them.

This event complements the excellent work related to career guidance being done in our schools by the career advisors and guidance teachers and provides another opportunity whereby our students can explore further career and educational options as they leave compulsory education.  Students can also reach out for support to the Post-Secondary and Tertiary Educational Institutions who also offer career guidance to prospective students who need further support in their choice of post-secondary course.

To further guide students in their choice of educational and career path, students can also access the Explore More – My Journey Portal, a career web portal developed by the National School Support Services, Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation in collaboration with PRISMS, a non-governmental organisation. Students and their parents/guardians can acquire information on the different career paths and post-secondary courses available locally.  The information is presented in an interactive way with short videos outlining first-hand testimony from the people who work in the industry and a short quiz which helps students identify the work sector of their interest. The website is in both Maltese and English.  It can be accessed on:

The aim of the fair is to provide a personalised experience to our students – with the possibility to request an appointment for a one-to-one career guidance service  from our qualified career guidance practitioners by sending an email to [email protected].


MEDE iChoose 2022 Flyer A4