EMBED Workshop Descriptions

Between the 6-10 March, the Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills Directorate hosted approximately 400 year 3 students who participated in workshops held by the HODs and support staff.

1. Actionbound:
With ActionBound we are going to show educators how they can create digital educational
adventures that use a playful approach such as a scavenger hunt.
In this activity, students will be challenged to solve coding problems and complete coding
challenges that will test their knowledge of coding concepts. They will use their coding skills to
debug a given code, code floor robots (mTiny & Bee-Bot) and engage in an unplugged coding
activity. Pupils will work in teams of 3 or 4, depending on the class population, to go through
the bound and work out the activities.

2. Codey Rocky
Codey Rocky is an educational robot designed to teach coding and robotics to pupils in a fun
and engaging way. During this workshop pupils are going to be exposed to the concepts of
robotics and block programming through a set of simple activities by using
the Makeblock application.

Lego We Do is an educational robotics kit that introduces primary school students to
computational thinking and coding in a fun way. The WeDo 2.0 kit consists of LEGO® bricks
which are used to build various robots including motors and sensors. Learners can avail
themselves of the WeDo app to create program scripts for the robots through an iconic
interface. Program scripts are created by dragging and dropping blocks from the block palette
at the bottom of the screen onto the programming canvas.

4. Robo Wunderkind
The Robo Wunderkind Workshop is an interactive 45-minute session designed for Year 3 pupils
to learn about robotics and basic coding. This workshop will also enhance pupils’
computational thinking skills, creativity and teamwork abilities. Using the Robo Wunderkind kit
and app, pupils will build and program their own racing car robots and work in teams to
complete a fun challenge.

5. Intelino Smart Train + Blubot
During this workshop, students will be given situations where they need to give directions to
go from one place to another. In groups they need to discuss the situation and solve the
challenge using Intelino Smart Train and Blue-Bot resources. To meet the challenges, they
need to develop step-by-step instructions to navigate a route. Students will also use their
logical reasoning to debug their algorithm if required.

6. Green Screen
The Green screen activity is an engaging learning experience that will stimulate the students’
creativity and imagination by allowing them to create immersive digital environments while
exploring various visual effects. This activity will encourage students to work in teams while
providing opportunities for communication and sharing of ideas. They will take turns to take a
picture of each other against a green background. Then, using the Chromavid app they will
edit the photo and change the background and choose their preferred one. Finally the
students will upload their photo on a Padlet and add a caption to it.