The EU has been a route of inspiration for many youth. There are opportunities for them to exploit and our Secretariat believes that youth shall be informed of such experiences.

Last week we launched “Opportunities – EU Internships”. This is a campaign to inform our youth about the availability of European Traineeships. In the coming months, a number of info sessions will follow and in collaboration with Agenzija Zghazagh, we intend to assist our youth with their information and application requirements.

As Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sport & Voluntary Organisations, I strongly encourage youth to explore these paid opportunities abroad. There is no doubt that such experiences enrich one`s CV and above all, one will learn valuable lessons which are deemed essential for one personal development. Youth empowerment is something we truly believe in because youth are our future professionals and working closely with other Europeans will transfer knowledge, provide language practice and above all it will introduce our youth to European opportunities abroad. I have no doubt that our youth will perform well abroad and all they need is information and thrust to participate.

Moving abroad for such opportunities should not be considered as problematic but as a positive experience. In Malta, the majority of youth see this step as a challenging one and this could be owing to our geographical limitations.  Our youth still have a lot to learn and these European internships will offer valuable experiences to participants.

These internships are open to all graduates vested with an NQF/ EQF Level 6 in any particular study area. The EU requires expertise in various areas of competences. Besides a good level of education, applicants also need to have a good standard of communication skills in either English, French or German language, these being the EU working languages. One of these languages together with the Maltese language is sufficient.

As a conclusive remark, the opportunities campaign was the result of a team effort by many. Besides the Parliamentary Secretariat falling under my direct remit, we also had collaboration with the EU Commission Representation in Malta, Dar Malta in Brussels and our Youth Agency, Agenzija Zghazagh. The campaign incorporates also a vast youth element whereby a selected youth candidate was explicitly appointed by the EU as an EU Careers Ambassador, vested with the specific role to inform, promote and assist youth on these EU prospects.

Thus, in view of the above, I invite all youth together with their parents to contact Agenzija Zghazagh should they require more information regarding these European opportunities. The opportunities are out there and we plan to point you towards the right direction.